UIDAI Introduces New Rules: Aadhaar Card No Longer Valid as Proof of Date of Birth – Key Details Revealed!

UIDAI Introduces New Rules

So you’ve had your Aadhaar card for years and used it as proof of your date of birth without a second thought. But hold up! The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) recently threw us for a loop by announcing new rules that say your Aadhaar card is no longer accepted as proof of your DOB. Yup, you read that right.

Your go-to identity card that you’ve always relied on can’t confirm how old you actually are anymore. Confusing, right?

Let’s break down exactly what the UIDAI’s new regulations mean:

UIDAI New Rules for Aadhaar Enrollment

The UIDAI has recently announced important changes regarding aadhar enrollment and updates. Most probably your aadhar card is no longer a valid proof of date of birth (DOB). Let’s take a look at what exactly has changed what it means for you.

After the new system, you will have to present the birth certificate along with the aadhar card. While a Birth certificate is a valid document for establishing the date of birth.  

Documents accepted for Date of birth verification during aadhar enrollment include.

  • Birth certificate
  •  Passport
  • PAN card
  • Driving License.

For aadhar enrollment {New Registration}

  • For adults: The enrollment process to requires to proof identity and proof of address. Document such as Passport, voter id , ration card and driving license must be commonly accepted.A birth certificate may not be mandatory for a adults.
  • For minors: for enroll(children below the 5) the birth certificate of child is usually required.

Forms for enrolment for Aadhaar

Forms for enrolment for Aadhaar: This form is used for Updating or correcting information on an aadhar card.There are changes in demographic details there are some errors in the aadhar card . So can use this Form to request updates and corrections. Here you can check the details of these forms:

  • Form 1 The new form will be used by resident individuals and non-resident and aged 18 years and above for aadhar enrollment. the same form can be used by the same category to updates details their in aadhar.

  • Form 2 NRI Proof that address Outside of India , will be used for enrollment and updation.

  • Form 3 Is to be used for enrollment for children aged between 5 years and above but less than 18 years.

  • Form 4 is to be used for NRI Children having addresses outside of India.

  • Form 5 is used by resident or NRI children aged below 5 years For enrollment and Updation in Aadhar.

  • Form 6 is to be used by NRI children (having address outside of india) for aged below 5 years.

  • Form 7 is to be used by resident foreign national, above 18 years of age, wants to enroll for updates aadhar and details. the details of foreign passport OCI card, valid long term visa , indian visa will be needed for inrollnment for this category.here email id will be mandatory.

  • Form 8 is to be used resident foreign national aged below 18 years.

  • Form 9 the UIDAI has also notified for cancellation of aadhar number on attaining 18 years of old.

How to Update Your Date of Birth On Aadhar Card.

1. Visit the first UIDAI official website.

2. Click on update Your aadhar Details.

3. Enter your aadhar Number and otp verification.

4.Firstly once You read all the steps, click on ‘Proceed To Update Aadhar.

5.Upload Documents and make a payment of Rs 50 via credit /debit and net banking.

What  are the Documents Required For Updating DOB on aadhar card.

  • PAN card. 
  • Birth certificate.
  • Passport
  • School Leaving Certificate.
  • Any Photo id Card containing the details of the Date birth.


Online Updates: if you are updating your details online, you may be required to upload scanned copies of documents.

Offline Updates: if you visit an aadhar enrollments for updates you should carry your original documents for verification required.  

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