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Bandhan Bank, a pioneer in innovative banking solutions, has recently unveiled a groundbreaking initiative named INSPIRE, designed exclusively for senior citizens. In a society that often overlooks the unique financial needs of seniors, INSPIRE stands out as a beacon of tailored support.

Bandhan Bank unveiled its exclusive program named ‘INSPIRE,’ tailored specifically for senior citizens. The INSPIRE program features an attractive interest rate of up to 8.35% per annum on fixed deposits, as per a company statement.

Bandhan Bank is providing senior citizens with compelling interest rates on fixed deposits. With a tenure of 500 days, senior citizens can benefit from FD interest rates as high as 8.35%. Additionally, for Tax Saver FD, senior citizens can enjoy a favorable interest rate of 7.5% per annum.

Benefits for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens deserve financial services that align with their unique needs, and Bandhan Bank’s INSPIRE Membership does just that. Going beyond traditional banking, INSPIRE provides a specially designed membership ID card, offering essential details such as Name, Date of Birth, Blood Group, and Emergency Contact Details.

Let’s delve into the myriad benefits and privileges awaiting seniors who join the INSPIRE community.

I. Priority Services at All Branches

1. Separate Senior Citizen Desk

INSPIRE members enjoy the convenience of a dedicated desk, ensuring a personalized and efficient banking experience.

2. Bank Home Facility

A doorstep banking service that includes cash/cheque pickup and drop, catering to the comfort of senior citizens.

3. Free Cash Deposit Limit

INSPIRE members benefit from a generous cash deposit limit at branches, eliminating extra charges.

4. Free Multi-City ‘At Par’ Cheque Leaves

Access to unlimited ‘at par’ cheque leaves for seamless transactions across cities, simplifying financial activities.

5. Free Cash Withdrawal Limits

Enjoy free cash withdrawal at both Bandhan Bank branches and other bank ATMs, providing flexibility and accessibility.

6. Free Fund Transfer Services

INSPIRE members can make free fund transfers through IMPS, RTGS, NEFT (through branch), and demand drafts.

7. Real-Time Any Branch Banking

Experience the convenience of real-time banking at any Bandhan Bank branch, ensuring accessibility wherever you go.

II. Digital Banking and Security Measures

1. Digital Banking

Access a suite of digital banking services, including Internet Banking, Phone Banking, and Mobile Banking, for effortless financial management.

2. Security Measures for INSPIRE

Rest assured with robust security protocols safeguarding sensitive financial information.

3. SMS and Email Transaction Alerts

Stay informed with real-time transaction alerts via SMS and email, enhancing security and transparency.

III. Exclusive Visa Platinum Debit Card Benefits

INSPIRE members enjoy exclusive benefits associated with Visa Platinum Debit Cards, elevating their banking experience.

IV. Additional Banking Facilities

1. Free Standing Instructions Mandate

Set standing instructions for hassle-free transactions on Bandhan Bank accounts, simplifying regular payments.

2. Duplicate Certificates Issued Free

Receive duplicate interest, balance, and TDS certificates at no extra cost, ensuring documentation is always accessible.

3. Passbook Issued and Printed Facility

INSPIRE members can avail passbooks with ease, keeping track of their transactions effortlessly.

4. Nomination Facility

Ensure financial security with the nomination facility, offering peace of mind to INSPIRE members and their families.

Exclusive Health Care Benefits

I. Discount Offerings

1. Apollo Pharmacy

Enjoy discounts on medicines, FMCG products, and Apollo Pvt. labeled products at Apollo Pharmacies.

2. SRL Diagnostics

Benefit from a significant discount on pathology and imaging tests at SRL Diagnostics centers.

3. ASG Hospital

Avail discounts on all consultations and investigations at ASG Hospital.

4. Artemis Hospital

Access reduced rates on in-house investigations, health check-up packages, and consultations at Artemis Hospital.

5. Centre for Sight

Enjoy discounted rates on OPD consultations and investigations at Centre for Sight.

6. Clove Dental

INSPIRE members receive special discounts on dental consultations, X-rays, scaling, polishing, and various treatments at Clove Dental.

7. My Dental Plan

Benefit from a free consultation and discounted prices on general and specialty dentistry procedures at My Dental Plan.

In conclusion, Bandhan Bank’s INSPIRE Membership goes beyond conventional banking services, providing a holistic approach to senior citizens’ well-being. From exclusive banking privileges to comprehensive healthcare benefits, INSPIRE is a testament to Bandhan Bank’s commitment to enhancing the lives of its senior members.

Embrace the INSPIRE Membership today and embark on a journey that prioritizes your financial security and well-being.

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